(President Gladys with namesake Mrs. Gladys Tampinco, outgoing president of NPC Ladies Foundation, and the other lovely members of the group at the turnover ceremony on August 2, 2013.)


The National Power Corporation Ladies Foundation, Inc., or NPC-LFI is a socio-civic organization composed of the wives of NPC executives and managers, NPC female managers and employees.

 As a charity organization, it implements social assistance and development projects for those in dire need such as victims of natural calamities, the poorest of the poor communities and other organizations that provide aid to the less fortunate. With its projects like medical and dental missions, blood donation, disaster relief operations and other fund-raising activities, the NPC-LFI continues to be National Power’s partner in its thrusts for Corporate Social Responsibility.

 NPC-LFI was originally known as the NPC Ladies Circle, which was founded in 1978, led by its pioneering president, Ms. Luisita Itchon. It was first conceptualized as a support system for the men of NPC who were busily dedicating their careers in empowering the nation through National Power’s projects. It was then renamed as NPC-LFI during the term of President Joy Delgado, wherein it acquired an independent and juridical personality by registering it with the Securities and Exchange Commission as socio-civic organization.

 While the Foundation’s leadership underwent a lot of changes over the years, the NPC-LFI’s core objectives remain the same: “To provide its less fortunate beneficiaries critical assistance in times of need through its fundraising and social responsibility projects.”

NPC LFI Programs and Projects

 Blood Donations

NPC-LFI sponsors blood donation activities in support of the health programs of the Philippine Department of Health. It encourages the participation of National Power employees countrywide by conducting mobile blood donation programs at the Head Office and its various field offices. NPC-LFI continues this noble endeavor by lining up blood donation programs for 2011 scheduled at Angat Hydro Power Plant, SPUG-Minuyan Field Office, SPUG-Visayas Field Office and Mindanao Generations headquarters.  NPC-LFI is a four-time Libulan Awardee of the Philippine Blood Center of the Department of Health. This award is given to organizations whose bloodletting activities have reached 100-199 donations. Not resting on its laurels, NPC-LFI further aspires to achieve the Likabutan award which requires 400 blood donations within a one-year period. It aims to conduct its bloodletting programs more extensively by soliciting participation from all NPC plants, offices and facilities, which in turn, will yield more blood donations and help more beneficiaries needing blood transfusions.

Godparent To A Child In Nazareth 

We don't outgrow a gift of love. Give something that will last a lifetime to a child whose only joy are two gifts a year--for his birthday and on Christmas. As a Godparent to a child at Nazareth,you are giving a child something he will never outgrow. The memory of love. The embrace of family.Nazareth Home for Street Children is a center-based institution that provides a temporary home, special care and love to less fortunate children of God. So they may develop among themselves the respect for life, worth and dignity and attain self-sufficiency and reliance. The institution serves the province of Bulacan. However, it accepts children from other neighboring provinces, cities and municipalities as the need arises.Target beneficiaries are those children aged 4 – 12 years old for boys and 4-17 years old for girls who are street children, orphaned, abandoned as well as the under priviledge who were left untaken cared due to injustices and cruelty of the society.The NPC-LFI welcomes any support from kind-hearted donors and sponsors who want to be a part of its noble efforts in helping the country’s poor and underprivileged. The Foundation and its beneficiaries will very much appreciate your contributions in helping the less unfortunate live more decent lives for themselves and their families. 

Disaster Relief Operations

NPC-LFI is always on hand to help victims of natural disasters such as typhoons and floods. These activities involve donation of basic needs and relief goods for the victims such as canned food, blankets, used clothes, hygiene items, medicines and even monetary provisions. NPC-LFI's relief operations even reach the most remote parts of the country. In coordination with Local Government Units, NPC-LFI's officers and members efficiently organize, facilitate and maintain order of these relief operations so everyone can benefit from a fair and ample share of help and assistance.

NPC Ladies Foundation Reaches Out To Dumagat Kids

A program for the Dumagat school children was prepared by the National Power Corporation Ladies Foundation Inc. (NPC-LFI) at Manalo Elementary School in Angat Watershed Reservation on Wednesday, March 19, 2014.NPC-LFI Chairman Gladys Sta. Rita imparted inspirational words to the kids stating in Filipino, “Doctor, nurse or teacher, you can be anything you want as long as you study hard.”The ladies also prepared games and a nutritious meal for the kids.As a way of saying thanks, the Dumagat ladies performed their traditional dance while a native plays the guitar. NPC ladies joined them for a second round of dance for everyone’s merriment. 

Fund Raising Activities

NPC-LFI implements creative and practical ways to raise funds for its projects and beneficiaries. Some of these events include sponsoring concerts and selling concert tickets, conducting raffle draws, setting up tiangges and organizing currently popular activities. 

 Tree Planting

NPC-LFI President Ma. Gladys Sta.Rita leads NPC Ladies Foundation mebers with batang kalikasan-young environmental champions in tree planting activity at japanese memorial garden Caliraya Laguna.

Other Programs: 

Medical & Dental Missions

The NPC-LFI also conducts regular medical and dental missions to nearby and far-flung areas of the country. By raising funds through various activities, the Foundation donates various medicines and dental items such as toothbrushes and toothpastes, provides free medical checkups and assistance for common diseases such as fever, coughs, colds, hypertension and hyperacidity. Dental care is provided as well, via free tooth extractions, prophylaxis and dental checkups. Beneficiaries are also taught of proper healthcare, hygiene, cleanliness and disease prevention by conducting information drives led by competent medical personnel.

NPC-LFI's medical and dental missions are also provided for NPC employees, their dependents and NPC-based janitorial and utility personnel.

Livelihood Programs

NPC-LFI contributes to the continuous learning and skills development of NPC employees and its other beneficiaries. With its various livelihood programs, NPC-LFI arms its program participants with enough skill and knowledge to explore other productive and money-making ventures. Some of these livelihood programs include food processing, arts and crafts making, entrepreneurship and business skills and knowledge on proper financial investments.


Contact Us:

The NPC-LFI appeals to your kind hearts and warm generosity in helping us help our needy beneficiaries through our socio-development and civic projects. We wholeheartedly welcome support, financial and in kind, from kind-hearted individuals, companies and organizations who would want to be a part of the Foundation’s endeavors to extend assistance to socio-development and civic projects to empower marginalized communities and residents nationwide, as in National Power’s remote missionary electrification areas. The Foundation would very much appreciate your donations. They will go a long way in helping residents of many marginalized areas live more decent and comfortable lives.

For more information or for pledging donations, please contact:

The NPC Ladies Foundation, Inc.
Executive Lounge, 2nd Floor
National Power Head Office Complex
Cor. Quezon Avenue and BIR Roads,
Diliman Quezon City
Mobile No. 0999-909-6534
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