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NPCS Buhi Barit Watershed Culminates Environment Month in Lakelet Manapao

Buhi Barit Watershed Area Team (BBWAT) has gathered over a hundred volunteers from both private and public sectors to culminate the environment month celebration through a cleanup activity in Lakelet Manapao.

The participants came from various organizations like the City Environment and Natural Resources Office in Iriga, National Commission on Indigenous Peoples (NCIP), Municipal Environment and Natural Resources, Community Resource Warden-Bantay Watershed Task Force, Inc., Regional Emergency Assistance Communication Team- Sinarapan Buhi Chapter, Lake Development Office, People's Energy Services, Inc., Buhi Organization of Mountain Climbers, Municipal Agriculture Office, Banwaang Mauyay, Tau Gamma Phi and San Ramon Barangay council.

All volunteers showcased camaraderie as they show concern and responsibility in caring for the Lake Manapao which is a Sinarapan Sanctuary.

The Buhi Barit Watershed supports the Buhi Barit Hydroelectric Power Plant operation. It is one of the 11 watershed reservations under NPC management.