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In the forthcoming implementation of Plan 11 Rehabilitation Projects which shall be established in Barangay Ibayugan, Buhi, Camarines Sur, the consultation meeting was conducted as part of social preparation and as an opportunity to request the assistance and cooperation of the barangay officials of Ibayugan to ensure efficient project implementation. Further, the meeting was necessary to address some concerns which might impede timely project completion.

BBWAT OIC-Section Chief E.R. Enriquez presented the UC-EC Plan 11 Rehabilitation Projects. He gave a concise description and objectives of each of the vegetative rehabilitation projects which includes a 50 hectares reforestation project, a 10 hectares Agroforestry Family Approach for the IP community/ Family and a 10 hectares Bamboo plantation. Further, BBWAT Forest Guard E.N. Lavadia III specifically identified the location of the rehabilitation projects within the barangay.

BBWAT personnel also entertained and addressed queries regarding the Plan 11 projects such as its mode of implementation and its timeline. Concerns on project sustainability, mode of project implementation, project objectives and community benefits were adequately addressed by BBWAT personnel.