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Recently, students from the UPLB-CFNR, taking up SFFG 80.1 conducted a Community Immersion Activity in Barangays Lumot, Inao-awan & Bukal last July 7, 2109 at Camarin Lake Resort, Brgy. West Talaongan, Cavinti, Laguna.

The purpose of the activity was to present the results of their Community Immersion specifically the Community Profiles of the three (3) Barangays that will be beneficial to NPC in managing the CLWFR.

NPC-CLWAT, BLGU Mahipon/Lumot, BLGU Bukal and BLGU Inao-awan, facilitated the request of the UPLB-CFNR Faculty & Students to conduct community imersion in Barangays inside the Caliraya-Lumot Forest Reserve (CLWFR). Prior to the conduct of the activity, NPC-CLWAT held an orientation meeting with the students and faculty to explain the purpose and importance of the watershed, and the role, duties and responsibilities of NPC in managing the watershed.

Each student was assigned to one foster family in each Barangay, staying for 15 days to create a community profile, conduct field interviews and observe the way of life of the communities inside the CLWFR.