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The Caliraya-Lumot Watershed Area Team (CLWAT), in coordination with the Sangguniang Kabataan (SK) of Brgy. Lewin Lumban, Laguna, initiated the conduct of an Information Campaign for students of Lewin Elementary School in Brgy. Lewin Lumban, Laguna.

The purpose of the Information Campaign is to raise the level of awareness of the younger generation towards the importance of environmental protection and conservation especially those living within the Caliraya-Lumot Watershed Forest Reserve (CLWFR). The role of NPC on the management of CLWFR and the effects of climate change in our environment and to the community were also among the items discussed.

It was attended by a total of eighty five (85) students from Grade 2 to Grade 6. The Sangguniang Kabataan Chairman of Brgy. Lewin Charliemagne Presto, with his other SK members, facilitated the lecture and film showing to the students. After the information campaign, a tree planting activity was conducted in Brgy. Lewin Lumban, Laguna.