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Makiling-Banahaw WAT personnel, reforestation project laborers and Pilipinas Shell Foundation, Inclaborers from Kinabuhayan, Dolores, Quezon and Haribon, partner P.O. members from San Cristobal, San Pablo City conducted Crash Course on Fire Prevention and Suppression in Mts. Banahaw-San Cristobal last March 20, 2018 at NPC Satellite Nursery, Brgy. Kinabuhayan, Dolores, Quezon.

The activity aims to train the NPC staff and its laborers and the partner stakeholders the basics of forest fire prevention and suppression in time for the implementation of the Lenten Season Watershed Visitors Management Program 2018.

Forester Marx C Pranada from Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) – Lucena City, Quezon facilitated the activity. The one-day module was divided into three (3) categories: (1) Wildfire Environment; (2) Fire Behavior and (3) Practical Application.A total of fifty (50) persons participated in the said activity. In general, the activity was successful and it was agreed that the participants will apply the lesson learned in protecting the reforestation projects in Mts. Banahaw – San Cristobal.