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The Tiwi Watershed covering 17,661 hectares in the province of Albay, like any other watersheds in the country, is not spared from rampant practices of illegal logging, kaingin, charcoal making etc.It is in this premise that different programs/projects in relation to protecting and preserving the environment, particularly that of the watershed are being devised by the Tiwi Watershed Area Team (TWAT) to continuously promote awareness and shared responsibility among the communities within the reservation and other stakeholders as well.

Among the programs implemented is on the watershed rehabilitation and conservationthrough Reforestation and  Agroforestry especially on the upland area where illegal practices are rampant. TWAT implemented the Reforestation of 430 hectares of open areas within the Tiwi Geothermal Reservation and currently implementing on the same through TKFPI, CAMADA, Inc. and BGFIS, inc.. The following are the on-going implementation of refo and Agroforestry projects:

  1. Plan 6 – Reforestation

          On-going implementation of 40 hectares Reforestation project at Brgy. Lourdes, Tiwi, Albay under the 8th progress billing with recorded survival rate of 91.89%.

  1. Plan 7 – Reforestation

          On-going implementation of 30 hectares Reforestation project at Brgy. Bariis, Tiwi, Albay under the 8th progress billing with recorded survival rate of 85.31%.

  1. Plan 8 – Agroforestry

          On-going implementation of 10 hectares Agroforestry project at Brgy. Misibis, Tiwi, Albay under the 8th progress billing with recorded survival rate of 90.26%.

  1. Plan 8 - Reforestation

          On-going implementation of 15 hectares Reforestation project at Brgy. Sugcad, Malinao, Albay under the 8th progress billing with recorded survival rate of 92.27%.

  1. Plan 9 – Reforestation

          On-going implementation of 50 hectares Reforestation project at Brgy. Joroan, Tiwi, Albay under the 5th progress billing with recorded survival rate of 82.03%.    

  1. Plan 10 – Reforestation

          On-going implementation of 50 hectares Reforestation project at Sitio Tabgon, Brgy. Joroan, Tiwi, Albay under the 5th progress billing with recorded survival rate of 82.76%

For the seedling production and dispersal, a total of 350,000 seedlings are propagated in TWAT nursery. Then, Tree Growing activities are conducted annually  in partnership with various stakeholders such as Aboitiz Power Renewables, Inc. (APRI), Academic Institutions, PGPC, BSP, LGU, PNP/AFP and DENR within the Tiwi Geothermal Reservation. Structural Erosions Control Measures are also implemented such as Riprap and Gabion projects located at Brgy. Sta. Elena, Malinao, Albay. Formation and training on the basic forest laws, rules and regulation for the 100  Bantay Watershed Task Force Volunteers (BWTF). Some BWTF volunteers were able to assist in the conduct of Patrolling and Manning of checkpoints together with TWAT personnel and elements of Tiwi and Malinao PNP. As a result of these operations, a total of 9,000 bd.ft of Forest products (Lumber, Timber, Wood, Charcoal), 13 units of conveyance (motorcycles, jeepneys, trucks) and 12 units of chainsaw were confiscated on different occasions while conducting said patrolling/manning of checkpoint.

As to the Community-based Watershed Protection Programs, Capability and Livelihood trainings are conducted to provide alternative source of income specifically to communities within the hot spot areas. Among the trainings provided were on the Production of Biomass Briquettes, currently the PO’s (San Bernardo Organic Farmers Organization and Tagoytoy Farmer’s Association) are awaiting for the turn-over of the briquetting machine and TWAT also conducted a training on Communal Fuel Wood Farming (Ipil-ipil) in which two (2) People’s Organization benefitted from the project and at the same time a plantation of ipil-ipil was established at Barangay San Bernardo through Tao Kalikasan Foundation, Inc. and will be turned over to San Bernardo Organic Farmers Organization after the One (1) year implementation of the project. A Training on Cacao and Pili processing was also conducted in which participants of the said training are already making profit out of the benefits/products from Cacao and Pili. Current market price for Pili sweets ranges from Php 100.00-120.00 per pack and processed Cacao priced at Php100.00-150.00 per pack. Another program implemented is the Community Development Project (Community Access to Productivity Enhancement  and Livelihood Development Project-CAPE-LDP) , the project was completed last May 2017 in partnership with LGU Tiwi and the Freedom for Rural Enterprise and Ecology Development of Mindanao (FREEDOM). Seven (7) Peoples Organization benefitted from the program namely Sararosa Kauswagan asin Pangkabuhayan (SKKAP), Dapdap Women Weavers Association (DWWA), United Stakeholders Working to Achieve Growth (USWAG), Samahang Magkakaragumoy (SAMAKA), Bagong Sikat Kami Naman (BSKN), Jonop Women Weavers Association (JOWWA) and Joroan Tribal Women’s Organization(JTWO) which was identified as an IP group. TWAT is also implementing the Animal/Livestock Dispersal which started year 2002, the program started from 14 piglets dispersed to pilot Barangays of Tiwi and Malinao Albay. It sustained since its conception and as of June 30, 2018 there are already 1,824 beneficiaries  from Tiwi and Malinao including the surrounding communities of the reservation. As a continuing activity to the beneficiaries, TWAT provided technical support/assistance to enhance their skills in swine raising and the activity was in partnership with Univet Nutrition & Animal HealthCare Company (PIGROLAC) with resource person and training materials provided on the same.

For the Information Education & Communication Campaign, School Lectures and film showing were conducted yearly to selected elementary and high school students within the Tiwi Geothermal Reservation. Students in the identified primary and secondary schools to be educated on the importance of conserving the environment particularly the watershed and the adverse effects of destroying the same. Through lectures and film showing students are made to do a self-check with regards to their contribution to the slowly deteriorating mother earth and at the end make them realize what it is that they could contribute towards having a sustainable environment. The students gained knowledge on preserving and conserving the environment. They also gained the responsibility in taking care of the environment and to participate on activities concerning the environment’s protection and rehabilitation.

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The program aims to improve the social and economic welfare of the communities particularly the indigents by providing additional source of income for the household. Through the program, exploiting of natural resources within the reservation was minimized and many communities were participating on the program to sustain their basic needs.

The programs' concept provides for payback scheme wherein qualified beneficiaries are required to return two (2) female off-springs (upon successful farrowing) as part of the agreement with NPC through a contract. The off-springs will then be dispersed to other qualified recipients inside the reservation and will likewise undergo the same payback process.

From the total beneficiaries of the program this 1st quarter 2018, 48 beneficiaries or 60% are women reinforcing NPC's commitment to the Gender and Development Program (GAD) of the national government. In addtion to this, 3 Indigenous People from the Agta-Tabangnon tribe were included in the program in support for the livelihood development of the IP's inside the reservation as embodied in the Ancestral Domain Sustainable Development and Protection Plan (ADSDPP).

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NPC-TWAT conducted Tree Planting Activity in partnership with the Naga National High School last September 15, 2017 at the mountain view of Brgy. Naga, Tiwi, Albay facing Lagonoy Gulf.

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Tiwi Watershed Area Team conducted School Lecture and  Film Showing at Naga National High School to broaden the awareness and knowledge of the youth towards the situation of our biodiversity and climate change. The activity is part of the continuing program of NPC on Batang Kalikasan ? Young Environmental Champions (BK-YEC) which aims to enhance the ecological and social discipline and leadership among students of the Naga National High School of Tiwi, Albay while educating them on the importance of environmental protection and conservation to develop awareness and appreciation to our natural resources. The program was undertaken last September 20, 2017 involving 100 students from Grade 7 to 11 in collaboration with the NNHS / Tiwi Deped Division.

As part of the Scince Month celebration, the importance of biodiversity and the climate change was discussed to widen the understanding and awareness of the students. The significance of the biodiversity on our daily lives was tackled to emphasize that people are very independent to the so called source of life or ?LAW? of life which stands for land, air and water, thus, if people are greed enough to utilize these resources without addressing  the needs of the future generations, insufficiency will take place and not only the people will be affected. On the other hand, climate change are now very alarming and it was interconnected to our daily activities. Aside from the facts and studies towards the climate change, being attentive and sensitive on the effect of our daily activities was discussed to enlighten their minds that whatever an individual do it will greatly affects the environment. The discussion also highlighted the 5R?s which stands for Reduce carbon footprint, Reuse, Recycle, Replant and Rethink the future. For further understanding on the topics discussed, a film was shown to the students at the end of the activity.

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