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Tiwi Watershed Area Team conducted School Lecture and  Film Showing at Naga National High School to broaden the awareness and knowledge of the youth towards the situation of our biodiversity and climate change. The activity is part of the continuing program of NPC on Batang Kalikasan ? Young Environmental Champions (BK-YEC) which aims to enhance the ecological and social discipline and leadership among students of the Naga National High School of Tiwi, Albay while educating them on the importance of environmental protection and conservation to develop awareness and appreciation to our natural resources. The program was undertaken last September 20, 2017 involving 100 students from Grade 7 to 11 in collaboration with the NNHS / Tiwi Deped Division.

As part of the Scince Month celebration, the importance of biodiversity and the climate change was discussed to widen the understanding and awareness of the students. The significance of the biodiversity on our daily lives was tackled to emphasize that people are very independent to the so called source of life or ?LAW? of life which stands for land, air and water, thus, if people are greed enough to utilize these resources without addressing  the needs of the future generations, insufficiency will take place and not only the people will be affected. On the other hand, climate change are now very alarming and it was interconnected to our daily activities. Aside from the facts and studies towards the climate change, being attentive and sensitive on the effect of our daily activities was discussed to enlighten their minds that whatever an individual do it will greatly affects the environment. The discussion also highlighted the 5R?s which stands for Reduce carbon footprint, Reuse, Recycle, Replant and Rethink the future. For further understanding on the topics discussed, a film was shown to the students at the end of the activity.