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20170505UARWAT trains ip on alnus production

The Upper Agno River Watershed Area Team (UARWAT) has recently conducted training on Alnus tree propagation and production for the indigenous people (IP) of the Ikarao and Kalanguya Ethnolinguistic. Held in the Karao Barangay Hall in Bokod, Benguet, Mr. Randy S. Tubal, a Senior Science Research Specialist provided a lecture to the participants.

The training was organized to strengthen the commitment of the IPs in watershed protection and sustain their coffee plantations.

Alnus or sometimes called alder is an introduced species in the Philippines during Worl War II. It is from Betulaceae family which is considered a large shrub or small tree, will take to about 7-12 meters in height and diameter range at about 30 cm. It grows favorably in poor and good soil conditions from medium to high elevations (700-1,500 masl) with temperature ranging from low to maximum, from 5 to 35°C. It can tolerate low and high rainfall in relatively cool areas. Flowers start to appear in January and cone mature in September to October. Seeds fall and disperse when cones are died and opened.

The training is also expected to encourage the participants to plant more trees since they have learned that these trees can be future sources of substrates for mushroom and nurse trees for their coffee plantations.