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NPC Seeks to Empower IPs of Upper Agno Watershed

Upper Agno River Watershed Area Team (UARWAT) has organized a workshop on June 22, 2017 on Indigenous Knowledge System (IKS) Resource Management to help the Indigenous Cultural Communities in the watershed in preserving their existing traditional forest resource management called Chontog.

The workshop which was attended by the Indigenous Peoples (IP), local government units, and representatives from SNIPO, KETRM, and EIFF, taught the participants about the Chontog and how they can support the IPs and NPC in protecting and preserving the watershed.

The Chontog are indigenous forest/watershed practices such as the tongil/halpag (karao/kalanguya) or selective pruning for firewood materials, binadibal/balibal or terracing by using clay and weeds, mandebdeb or suppression of fire using indigenous materials, among others.

We regard the IPs as effective guardians and efficient managers of the watershed, thus we are more than willing to empower them by providing them capability-building and livelihood trainings, said Onofre S. Castro, UARWAT Section Chief.