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applying first aid during actual scenarioapplying first during actual scenario1bandging victim before transporthow to use elastic bandagehow to use triagularperforming CPR

San Roque Watershed Area Team conducted Emergency First Aid Training last March 22-23, 2018 at SRPC - AVR, the participants are fifty-six (56) BWTF Volunteers & Barangay Disaster Risk Reduction & Management Council of Brgy. San Felipe East & Brgy. San Felipe West, San Nicolas, and Brgy. San Roque, San Manuel.

SRWAT continually educates watershed occupants who were organized as our Bantay Watershed Taskforce volunteers. These BWTF volunteers have been assisting the field unit in areas concerning watershed law enforcement and regulations to maintain the productive and protective conditions of the San Roque watershed. Hence, training programs are continually to equip our Bantay Watershed Task Force (BWTF) volunteers with the necessary skills to be able to respond to life-threatening emergency situations. These training programs are also extended to other partners/stakeholders from the barangay level in order to supplement the skills of the BWTF.

This 2-day Emergency First Aid Training held last March 22-23, 2018, was coordinated with the Provincial Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council as this office are the experienced front liners in emergency response.  With their expertise, they were invited to educate our BWTF and other partners in preparation the emergency situation response.

Using lecture and demonstration method of the trainor, participants were able to experience real life scenario and were coached in providing immediate care and response to victims.

Participants’ insights:

  • Realize the difficulty of responding in emergency situation while preserving life.
  • Recognize the importance of training other community members in order to prepare community on any emergency situations, hence Barangay-LGU shall  request PDRRMC for the same training in the barangay.
  • Grasp on how to use bandages and other indigenous materials in performing first aid to victims.  

1. Contestants for the poster art making contest2. Contestants for the slogan making contest3. Models designers for the Trashio design competition4. Winners Teachers and Judges5. Awarding of Certificate of REcognition to SRWAT from the School Principal

San Roque Watershed Area Team conducted Environmental Art Fair 2018 – Year 4 last July 27, 2018 at San Felipe Integrated School Multi-purpose Hall, participants were High School students of San Felipe Integrated School (SFIS) of Brgy. San Felipe East, San Nicolas, Pangasinan.

Students of SFIS were involved in various art competition, these are:

      Poster Art Making,

      Slogan Making,

      Creative Recycled Art Making, and

      Trashion Design Competition

The theme for Poster Art & Slogan Making is “Science for the People: Innovation for Collective Prosperity”, thisis the nation-wide theme for the DepEd’sScience & Technology Week. Twelve (12) visually art enthusiasts and seven (7) sloganeers were to interpret the theme on a white cartolina using their choice of drawing materials on the spot.Five winners were selected from each category based from creativity, originality, theme relevance and visually appealing.

While the theme for Creative Recycled Art Making &TrashionDesign is “Beat Plastic Pollution”, adapted from the theme of National Environment Day Celebration. There were six (6) beautifully crafted recycled art pieces, 5 of which stood out as best recycled art pieces.

The highlight of the activity is the parade models and the designers for the Trashion design competition. ThisTrashion Design Competition provided an opportunity to showcase unique and recycled inspired garments created from items that would otherwise be tossed in the trash. Five design creations were selected as winners based from workmanship, originality and overall look.

Judges for the various contest categories were:

      Mr. Mendel S. Garcia - Section Chief, NPC-SRWAT

      Ms.Ellenor A. Perez – Sr. Watershed Management Specialist, NPC-SRWAT

      Ms.TamcynUbaldo – Environmental Specialist, SRPC

      Mr. James Nanali – SK Chairman, Brgy. San Felipe East, San Nicolas

      Ms.Darmer Hilda Aquino – School Principal, San Felipe Integrated School

Ms.Darmer Hilda Aquino, School Principal of San Felipe Integrated Schoolpresented to SRWAT team a Certificate of Recognition for their constant and strong support to the school’s science and environmental program.

Sir Mendel S. Garcia, Section Chief of SRWAT lauded the school and participants in their active involvement in protecting the environment, continued on to encourage the community to take active part in protecting the environment by recycling or reusing plastic materials.

The event started and ended with much excitement and anticipation of the contestants and the Teachers of the school. The School Principal and participants regarded the activity as highly successful.


San Roque Watershed Area Team conducted a series of information and education campaign on forest protection last October and November 2017 in various schools and villages in Itogon, Benguet.

The activity also allowed knowledge dissemination based on experiential findings and sharing of practical knowledge. It was likewise aimed at developing partnership with community folks in protecting and maintaining the environment.

This joint community-based IEC was participated by Barangay Kagawad Lope Milo, LGU-Barangay Ampucao, Engr. Benny Apidos MENRO Itogon and Mr. Julius A. Bayogan - Philex Mining Corporation EQMED (Environmental Quality Management & Enhancement Dept.) Head with his Environmental Head Mr. Paquito Tobias.


Relocatees in Daynet Resettlementof San Roque Watershed Reservation participated in project management training sessions that delved on formative leadership, values orientation, and organizational managementon July 21 -22 and July 27 -28, 2018. 

Daynet Resettlement is one (1) of the four (4) resettlement sites identified by National Power Corporation due to the construction of the San Roque Dam in 2003. Daynet, however, is different as it is located within the San Roque Watershed Reservation. As it is, there is a need to organize, orient, and mobilize said community towards watershed management and community development.

“The community has to learn to co-exist with agencies around them. Sometimes, a challenge is an opportunity too. For instance, since they (community members) reside in the watershed reservation, they should level up their lot management through agroforestry,” said Betty A. Listino, Director of ResearchMate Inc. who served as resource speaker in one session.

The training sessions aimed for the peoples’ organizations in the community to identify their core values and formulate their group vision; identify the advantages and weaknesses of the different leadership styles; describe and manage conflicts; organize their groups’ structures, and level off purposes of the different organizations in the area. These training sessions led to groups’ initiative to amend their respectivepeoples’ organizations(POs) Constitution and By Laws and its policies in consideration to organizational matters that transpired during their workshops.

“The seminar series is being conducted to cater to the social mobilization needs identified by the community themselves. The San Roque Watershed Area Team (SRWAT) believes that the community can be a partner, not only as beneficiary, in implementing projects for watershed protection and management if the members were organized. It is envisioned that through the trainings given to them, the POswill be strengthened and tapped as partners in many SRWAT activities,” said SRWAT Community Relations Officer Faith H. Belingon.

Daynet Community Livelihood Association (DCLA) president Myrna G. Kino expressed her gratitude for the avenue to fix what has been their clamor for a very long time. “Indeed, it is high time for us to genuinely organize ourselves for own development, while supporting the programs for watershed management,” added Kino.

The training sessions were conducted by SRWAT through its Program on Indigenous Peoples in partnership with Benguet State University and DCLA.


With the theme, Conserving the Environment, Empowering Young People, NPCs San Roque Watershed Area Team hold its Eco Camp 2017 in Ampucao National High School, Ampucao, Itogon. There were 154 students who participated in the camp.

The camp was organized to teach the participants the value of preserving and protecting the environment. It organized activities like creating art from recycled materials, poem writing, environment jingle, and eco-walk adventure in the famous Mt. Ulap.