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Relocatees in Daynet Resettlementof San Roque Watershed Reservation participated in project management training sessions that delved on formative leadership, values orientation, and organizational managementon July 21 -22 and July 27 -28, 2018. 

Daynet Resettlement is one (1) of the four (4) resettlement sites identified by National Power Corporation due to the construction of the San Roque Dam in 2003. Daynet, however, is different as it is located within the San Roque Watershed Reservation. As it is, there is a need to organize, orient, and mobilize said community towards watershed management and community development.

“The community has to learn to co-exist with agencies around them. Sometimes, a challenge is an opportunity too. For instance, since they (community members) reside in the watershed reservation, they should level up their lot management through agroforestry,” said Betty A. Listino, Director of ResearchMate Inc. who served as resource speaker in one session.

The training sessions aimed for the peoples’ organizations in the community to identify their core values and formulate their group vision; identify the advantages and weaknesses of the different leadership styles; describe and manage conflicts; organize their groups’ structures, and level off purposes of the different organizations in the area. These training sessions led to groups’ initiative to amend their respectivepeoples’ organizations(POs) Constitution and By Laws and its policies in consideration to organizational matters that transpired during their workshops.

“The seminar series is being conducted to cater to the social mobilization needs identified by the community themselves. The San Roque Watershed Area Team (SRWAT) believes that the community can be a partner, not only as beneficiary, in implementing projects for watershed protection and management if the members were organized. It is envisioned that through the trainings given to them, the POswill be strengthened and tapped as partners in many SRWAT activities,” said SRWAT Community Relations Officer Faith H. Belingon.

Daynet Community Livelihood Association (DCLA) president Myrna G. Kino expressed her gratitude for the avenue to fix what has been their clamor for a very long time. “Indeed, it is high time for us to genuinely organize ourselves for own development, while supporting the programs for watershed management,” added Kino.

The training sessions were conducted by SRWAT through its Program on Indigenous Peoples in partnership with Benguet State University and DCLA.