[HAPUA Stories] The 27th HAPUA Working Committee reports progress before the Council

The HAPUA Working Committee, currently chaired by NPC Vice President for Corporate Affairs Mr. Urbano C. Mendiola, reports before the HAPUA Council the progress made by each Working Groups under HAPUA.

To identify the effects and challenges of solar energy integration in existing power systems, Working Groups 1 (Generation and Renewable Energy), 2 (ASEAN Power Grid/Transmission), and 3 (Distribution and Power Quality and Reliability) would undertake information sharing on solar baseload generation, its impact to power quality and effect of solar rooftops to the distribution utility.

Working Group 2 gave updates on the Lao PDR-Thailand-Malaysia Power Integration; Working Group 3 reported updates on its three projects such as the Best Practices on Asset Management, Managing Distribution Network Reliability, and Smart Grid Roadmap of ASEAM member states.

Working Group 4 (Policy Studies and Commercial Development) which is chaired by the Philippines through NPC’s Vice President for Legal Counsel Atty. Melchor P. Ridulme also discussed its three projects – Studies on Financial Model of Public Private Partnership for ASEAN Power Project and on Contractual Arrangements for ASEAN Power Grid Multilateral Trade, and the Proposed HAPUA Rules on Selection and Evaluation of Donor Partners.

Working Group 5 (Human Resource) reported their exceeded targets for 2018 and their planned activities for the upcoming year.