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Philippine Society of Mechanical Engineers charters QC Agham Chapter in NPC

The Philippine Society of Mechanical Engineers on Friday, August 2 holds the chartering and induction of officers of the QC Agham Chapter in National Power Corporation. It is the 117th chapter of the PSME.

The officers of the QC Agham Chapter are Engr. Randy Villarin (Chapter President), Engr. Godofredo Magpoc, Jr. (VP Internal), Engr. Harry Gemzon (VP External), Engr. Romeo Francisco, Jr. (VP Executive), Engr. Sarah Ellain Bragis (Secretary), Engr. Angelica Tacata (Treasurer) and Engr. Manuel Singson (Auditor). Chapter directors are Engr. Rogelio So, Engr. Larry Sabellina, Engr. Timoteo Diacor, Engr. Ross Real, Engr. Conrad Isahac, Engr. Jo Cansancio, Engr. Diogenes Esmade, Jr. and Engr. Romeo Encabo.

NPC has over 100 mechanical engineers in its various departments who deal with the designing, planning, and operating of its power facilities.