NPC participates to the HRMD Summit sponsored by the European Union

To promote a unified Human Resources Management and Development program in the energy-sector in the Philippines, the European Union funded a summit on the development of a capacity development roadmap for HR and in planning and implementing programs that enhance access to sustainable energy.

Organized by the Access to Sustainable Energy Programme of the Philippines, the summit was attended by NPC employees – Mr. Rodrigo B. Nojadera, Delia M. Bahena, Arnel M. Tutanes, Rey S. Polestico, Noel G. Espayos and Julia Maria C. Atencio.

The four-day training was held on September 11-14, 2018 in Splendido Taal Country Club, Tagaytay City.

NPC’s In-house MBA students kick-off new term with governance seminar

To start off the new trimester, the FEU-Institute of Accounts, Business and Finance organized an interactive seminar on corporate governance for NPC’s in-house MBA students. The seminar was conducted by Ka Orly Mercado, a politician, diplomat, professor and broadcaster.

Ka Orly talked about the current struggles of governance, be it in the public or private sector and encouraged the student-employees to plant the seeds of reform wherever they are today. He also emphasized the importance of being always ahead of the curve.

NPC Employee Engagement and Team Building Program

To foster camaraderie and unity, NPC organizes a two-day engagement and team building activity for its employees. The team building will happen in four batches and be held at the Corporaion's facility in Bataan.

NPC organizes a training-workshop on Oracle-based Cash Management

NPC has recently concluded two batches of training-workshop on Oracle-based cash management for selected employees from the Administration and Finance Group, both from the head office and field offices (SPUG Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao and Mindanao Generation).

NPC conducts seminar-workshop on Root Cause Analysis

On May 29-30, NPC through its Training and Development Division under the Human Resources Department conducted a seminar-workshop on Root Cause Analysis to familiarize the participants on its various tools and use them in analyzing scenarios and cases in the workplace.