Once you stop learning, you start dying. –Albert Einstein

Quoting one of the greatest minds the world has ever produced, NPC President Ma. Gladys Cruz-Sta. Rita began her message to the corporation’s managers during this year’s Management Conference.

“Literally and figuratively, Einstein was right. We die up here (points to her head). And we die down here (points to her heart), when we stop learning. When we close our minds and our hearts to the possibility that there is more to learn about our jobs, about our world, about our life, we start to whittle and die,” continued President Sta. Rita emphasizing the importance of learning more no matter how life can be so repetitive at times.

The 2015 Management Conference, a two-day event at the NPC Head Office will contain Review of 2014 Performance Scorecard, Presentation of 2015 Performance Scorecard, planning for effective implementation of 2015 projects and more. Workshops will also be incorporated to activity that will be facilitated by Mr. Jonas Soriano of the Development Academy of the Philippines.