“The winds were blowing hard; the waves of the oceans were rocking the ship so bad. People were already panicking, fearing for their lives. I was in a corner, holding close the envelope in my hand and thinking what to do should the ship sink. Inside the envelope were several checks for the landowners whose lots were used for the Mindoro transmission lines.

On that stormy day, we had no choice but to jump near the shoreline and walk from there since the ship cannot reach the port. I think it’s the same leap of faith when I transferred from the private sector to NPC 21 years ago. It’s the same leap of faith when I persevered and got a promotion in 2013, after 18 years of service.

Today, I am still here, feeling grateful for the chance to serve through NPC."

-Virgilio T. Silan
Sr. Financial Specialist, Fund Management Division
Treasury Department