NPC trains communities in Albay on swine management

NPC through the Tiwi Watershed Area Team has recently conducted a two-day training on swine management for 114 beneficiaries of its livestock dispersal program in the municipalities of Tiwi and Malinao in Albay.

The training which was held in Nag Park in Naga, Tiwi, Albay aims to improve the social and economic welfare of the communities residing in the Tiwi Geothermal Reservation. It is a continuing livelihood assistance program of the Corporation.

In partnership with Univet Nutrition and Animal Health Care Company, the training taught the participants various aspects of swine management, from feeding to proper waste disposal. Of the 114 participants, 64 were women as strengthening of NPC’s commitment to Gender and Development program.

Tiwi Watershed is one of the 11 watersheds supporting power generation that is protected and managed by NPC.