Engr. Corazon Bencio
Systems Planning Division, CAG

Thriving in a ‘man’s world’ such as the engineering field is a tough and challenging act according to Ms. Cora Bencio, but when done with grace it can give joy and fulfilment.

“Engineering was not my choice and not even an option for me. It was my father’s. However, as years went by, this career opened more doors for me, opportunities than merely climbing the corporate ladder,” she shared.

Among the doors she enjoyed the most were traveling to far flung areas in the country and seeing the beauty of the Philippines. Likewise she was able to travel to key countries around the globe. This is where she came to love her profession and felt gratitude to her father and to NPC.

“I am blessed to be working with knowledgeable and hardworking superiors in providing electricity in remote areas and making a different in people’s lives. It is from them where I learned values such as hard work and perseverance which I also get to pass on to my colleagues and children,” Ms. Cora said.