Press Release

30 May 2019

Napocor to bid out solar hybrid system for Bohol islands

The National Power Corporation (Napocor) is set to bid out the contract for the design, supply and installation of two 50-kW solar PV-diesel hybrid system project for the islands of Balicasag and Cuaming in Bohol province.

This is after the National Power Board, chaired by the Department of Finance, approved the terms of reference for the said projects.

With total approved budget contract of P 56 million, Napocor expressed its hope that a lot of bidders will be interested to participate in the public bidding so as to meet its timeline in commissioning and energizing the project.

Currently, Balicasag and Cuaming, which both have 24/7 power service are being serviced by Small Power Utilities Group (SPUG) plants with dependable capacities of 192 kW and 160 kW, respectively. Both tourist hot-spot islands have less than 100 kW peak demand.

“NPC has strengthened its plans on renewable energy development not only for sustainability measures but  also to lower down the power rates in off-grid areas,” said Napocor President and CEO Pio J. Benavidez.

Further, Napocor said that in its 2020 Missionary Electrification Plan, there are 17 areas programmed for hybridization, eight (8) of which are new areas with solar PV and battery capacities.

Benavidez said that this is also in response to the Department of Energy’s directive on low carbon future. END