Press Release
07 February 2018

 NAPOCOR provides 24/7 power to Cebu’s Guintarcan Island

The National Power Corporation (Napocor) grants 24/7 power supply to over 1,000 consumers of Guintarcan Island to spur economic activities in this lesser known beautiful island of Cebu.

 “A sufficient reserved power allowed the round the clock operation since our Guintarcan Diesel Power Plant’s dependable capacity stands at 455 kW while our peak demand is only at 128 kW,” said Napocor’s Visayas Operations Department OIC Manager Engr. Pete Llorente.

 Napocor said that the island has great potential for tourism and fishing industry. It also hopes that students and teachers can maximize electricity use for learning especially in the use of the internet.

 Guintarcan Island, known as Kinatarkan among locals, is located at the northwestern tip of Cebu. It is part of the Municpality of Santa Fe which is located in a separate and more popular island of Bantayan.

 Guintarcan is still underdeveloped but has promising destinations for travelers like its long strips of white sand, clear ocean waters and the La-aw Lagoon. END