NPC conducts briefing on its mandates for the Philippine Public Safety College’s MPSA students

NPC on Monday organizes a special briefing regarding its thrusts and policies for the students of the Philippine Public Safety College (PPSC) taking up Masters in Public Safety Administration. The briefing was held in support for the class’s coursework in Paradigms, Principles, Institutions and Related Studies in Public Safety and Homeland Security subject.

The PPSC along with the National Defense College of the Philippines is mandated to ensure the proper training and education of competency policy analysts, security planners and intelligence officers that will secure excellent public safety and national security leaders for future generation.

The briefing was led by NPC President and CEO Pio J. Benavidez. He was accompanied by Mr. Rafael Abergas from the Corporate Affairs, Mr. Jeffrey Olleras from SPUG, Mr. Conrado Sison from the Dams Management and Mr. Emmanuel Umali from the Watershed Management Department.

PPSC delegates on the other hand were headed by their Vice President for Academics Mr. Rodney A. Jagolino and President PDDG Ricardo F. De Leon.