In celebration of the National Women’s Month, NPC invited Filipina scientist Aisa Mijeno to spark inspiration among women and push them to get involved in causing small change for the nation. 
Aisa talked about the inspiration of her SALT lamp (Sustainable Alternative Lighting) invention which received various awards from organizations not only in the country but also in Japan, South Korea and Singapore.

“The idea started in the mountains of Kalinga where locals need to travel six hours on foot to buy 40 peso worth of kerosene,” she said.

The plight of the people of Kalinga pushed Aisa and her team to create something that will help them financially and economically, thus the SALT lamp came to be.

The SALT lamp, an environment-friendly light source that runs on saltwater is also a huge help for people in far-flung islands.

NPC President Ma. Gladys Cruz-Sta. Rita expressed her interest in helping Aisa in her cause of spreading the lamp to the people who needs it most.

“I have also been going around the islands where NPC serves, and so I have witnessed the situation of the people there. Let us help you in your cause,” the president said.

Aisa ended her message with an encouragement to all the women present, “Don’t make being a woman deter you from pursuing your passion.”